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Clear Window Technology~loves pets

Glass Expands & Contracts

Single Strength Glass Flexes More than Double Strength which often leads to premature Seal Failure. 

Foggy windows, moisture in glass, condensation buildup, etc., is usually seen inside windows with Broken Seals.

The Window Spacer sits at the bottom of the window between the glass. When a Seal Breaks and condensation seeps into the window, the spacer can rust. This is visible in the picture shown.

 Rusting Spacer from Broken Seal

I see these types of intercept spacers everyday with rust and moisture.  This particular window would need Glass


Foggy Before, Clear After Clear Window Technology

Clear Window Technology is happy to help homeowners ‘Go Green’ by repairing glass instead of replacing which adds to Landfills. 

Sun Diagram: Window Valve

 Sun Diagram Window Valve

To see a Window Repair process, click the link below!

Condensation Removal from Double Glazed Windows Video

ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) Affiliated

ASHI Click here to See my video about the ASHI Organization

Window Won't Stay Up? Window Won’t Stay Up?  See Video 

Bath Picture Window With Broken Seals~Before Window Replacement…

Broken Seals Picture Window 

Bath Picture Window~After Replacement with Sliding windows

Bath Sliding Windows 

Click HERE for video & More on this Home Improvement project